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Behavioral Decision Theory

  • Lecture:

    • Wednesday, 12:00 - 13:30, Hörsaal V
    • Lecture starts 19.10.2016

  • Tutorial:
    • Tuesday, 17:45-19:15, Hörsaal V
    • Tutorial starts 25.10.2016
  • Please note that the seminar "Topics in Psychoeconomics", which is part of the Profilgruppe Psychoeconomics is offered only in the sumer term (SS). 


This course presents a modern introduction to decision making and decision theory. We will discuss behavioral (experimental) evidence of decision biases and heuristics in economic frameworks, real-world examples of actual decision-making by individuals, firms, and organizations, and formal models of decision-making from both economics and psychology. The course concentrates on individual decision-making (as opposed to group decisions or strategic decision-making, i.e. games). Topics are as follows:

  1. Normative vs. Descriptive Decision Theory
  2. Expected Utility and Subjective Expected Utility
  3. Framing, the Endowment Effect, and Other Problems
  4. Decisions Under Risk and Prospect Theory
  5. Intertemporal Decisions and Quasihyperbolic Discounting
  6. Preference Reversals
  7. Ambiguity


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