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Voting Methods and Politics

Research Statement

We have a strong interest in Social Choice as the formal framework for the analysis of collective decisions. We are interested in a particular voting method, Approval Voting, both from theoretical and empirical points of view.

A particular milestone of our research were two field experiments on approval voting which were carried out on actual election days in 2008 and 2009 in Germany, with the cooperation of the competent state authorities in Germany. Here you can find the description of the results of the experiments (in German) for the general public:

Further, our group also carries out research on the game-theoretic modelling of the political process and the consequences of bounded rationality on the side of the voters.


Relevant Research Projects

  • DFG Project Al 1169/2-1, "Approval Voting: Economic Theory and Experimental Evidence", Principal Investigator: Carlos Alós-Ferrer.